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Members of The Colaneri Firm have published articles in the Bad Faith Report, For the Defense, a publication of the National Defense Research Institute, as well as a law review article on premises liability for third-party criminal assaults. We have also authored the Texas Standard Automobile Insurance Policy Annotated, first published in 1999. Members of the firm are frequently asked to give seminars and lectures both by private organizations, the State Bar of Texas, and numerous seminars and conferences. 

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Other Publications

Janet K. Colaneri & Bobbi Reilly: HOMEOWNERS’ COVERAGES: APPRAISAL AND ARBITRATION – CHANGING TIMES AHEAD, presented at the Ultimate Insurance Seminar, March 2001.

Janet K. Colaneri & Bobbi Reilly, Co-Authors: ARSON AND THE EMERGING LAW (WHAT A HOT TOPIC!), presented to the Arson Training Seminar, Insurance Committee for Arson Control, February 2001.

Janet K. Colaneri & Bobbi Reilly: Texas Standard Automobile Insurance Policy Annotated, published in 2000; 2nd Edition; 2002 American Lawyer L.P.; 3rd Edition.

Janet K. Colaneri, Marcus J. Massad & Bobbi Reilly: Annual Updates (1995 - Present) for LIFE IN THE TRENCHES: HANDLING CLAIMS, a three hour course on claims handling approved by the Texas Department of Insurance (2 hours continuing education; 1 hour consumer protection).

Janet K. Colaneri & Bobbi Reilly: Co-Authors: HOMEOWNER CLAIMS: THE USE AND MISUSE OF THE APPRAISALPROVISION, presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Associations of Special Investigative Units, September 1999.

Janet K. Colaneri & Bobbi Reilly: BAD FAITH: WHAT IS IT? IS IT CATCHING? HOW DO I AVOID IT…, presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Associations of Special Investigative Units, September 1999.

Janet K. Colaneri: “EXPERTS: KEEPING THE GATE OPEN OR SHUT”, presented to the North Texas Fire Investigators’ Association July 1999.Janet K. Colaneri: Mediation: What, When, Why and How, presented to Tarrant County Young Lawyers, November 1998.

Janet K. Colaneri & Bobbi Reilly: Civil Trial and Evidentiary Rule Changes: The Good, The Bad & The Different, presented to the Texas Association of Defense Counsel's Winter Meeting in February 1998 in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Janet K. Colaneri & Bobbi Reilly: Who Gets the Proceeds? Issues Related to the Claims of Mortgagees, Loss Payees and Additional Insureds, presented to the Property Insurance Law Section of the American Bar Association, March 1997.

Janet K. Colaneri & Bobbi Reilly, Co-Authors: WHAT'S SEX GOT TO DO WITH IT? An Overview of Civil Litigation Involving Sexual Torts, for the State Bar of Texas 11th and 12th Annual Advanced Personal Injury Law Course, 1995 and 1996.


Janet K. Colaneri: Co-Author of Parents' Sexual Abuse and Insurance Coverage, “For the Defense," March 1992.John D. White: “A New Hand From The Same Deck Of Cards-Randomness And The Intersection Of Race With Gender In The Texas Jury Shuffle”, 40 S. TEX. L. REV. 509 (1999).

John D. White: “The Fight that God (Allah, Etc.) Started-The Seventh Circuit Upholds the Constitutionality of School-Led Prayer at University Commencement Ceremony in Tanford v. Brand”, 39 S. TEX. L. REV. 165 (1997).

John D. White: “How to Describe a White Elephant-Diversity as a Compelling Government Interest Following Hopwood v. Texas”, S. TEX. CIV. LIBERTIES J., Spring 1997, at 3-17.


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